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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  August 11, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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sure to follow us on twitter. that is it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. >> on fox news watch.... >> this is an overreaction to benghazi. >> one thing i've tried to do as president is not over react. >> president obama makes a post prime time appearance commenting on key issues and terrorist threats face ourg nation. was this right venue to make news. "washington post" gets bought by amazon billionaire jeff bezos. how did the read yeah react to the news. what would it mean to the future of the newspaper business. >> we have a republican chairman understandably miffed. >> folks are against the
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nbc's plan to produce a mini series about hillary clinton's run before she runs for president. and head of rnc demands both nbc and cnn drop their clinton projects. how will it all end? oprah speaks out about the trayvon martin shooting. did her words help or hurt racial tensions? and democrats have become the targets of late night jokes. >> it was the president's birthday. look at this recent speech. >> you will interact with all americans of all walks of life because our citizens can learn too. >> kelly: judy miller, jim pinkerton, ellen ratner and
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affair ard grenell. i'm kelly wright. fox news watch is on right now. >> end of the war in afghanistan doesn't mean the end of threats to our nation. as i said before even as we decimated the al-qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11, al-qaeda affiliates and like-minded extremists still threatened the homeland, still threaten our diplomatic facilities, still threaten our businesses abroad. we've got to take these threats seriously and do all we can to confront them. >> kelly: president obama at camp pendleton delivering a sobering message about the threats we still face from al-qaeda and other extremists. he also commented on the terror threat and progress we have made against al-qaeda while appearing on
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the tonight show with jay leno and answered questions on friday afternoon at a press conference. jim, the tonight show, was it the right place, proper place to talk about such issues as terror alerts? >> actually jay leno asked tougher questions than the "new york times" -- i have to confess as an avid news consumer, i am suffering whiplash, because we were told al-qaeda is on the run. now, we see the embassies are being evacuated. it remind me the helicopters of saigon embassy in 1975 and front page of the "wall street journal" on friday, there was a sign post anti-morsi protestors, obama you can't fool you people in the world you finance and back terrorism. that may be one protestor.
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the general in charge of egypt said the same thing to the "washington post" last week. i'm having a hard time processing. >> kelly: was this the right thing the president was getting away from answering tough questions by the media organizations? >> i think that is his m.o. -- he loves doing that. this was his 6th appearance on jay leno. it's easier to shoot the bull with jay than face the white house press corps, ellen including. who is going to ask tough questions because they know the issues. he goes around them. he goes around us all the time and we let them get away with it. >> kelly: i see ellen from time to time at the white house. we are there together. news briefing takes place with the president, do
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people get around asking questions. >> i do think people ask tough questions. some of the tv people want to get the clip on and send questions in different ways. i do think the tough questions are asked. my view is that any time you can ask questions whether jay leno or anybody that would be good. i have to say political came out -- politico came out with quote of the week he is campaigning to be barack obama again. >> i thought it was the right venue because like i ability is key. when you have a lot of circumstances and lots of stories changing and lots of inconsistencies. hey, guys. you still like me. i am still the guy you voted for. it was a big win. >> kelly: so the president wants to be popular and goes to a popular venue to get
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the supported he is looking for. what say you about his patterns appearance on jay leno. >> why not. if i was the white house press secretary i would continue doing as many soft interviews as possible. it's working for the president. why not? it's the white house press corps that is failing. seriously, if you just spent nine months watching candidate obama throughout 2012 tell you that al-qaeda was decimated and then now we're closing 22 embassies and consulates across north africa and middle east, that doesn't ring true. we have a problem here. the press should be all over this. the white house press is a joke. on friday, jessica yellen who is the senior white house core responsibility,
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that sources are telling her, correspondent that white house is going to react to more transparency when it comes to the nsa issues. that is a white house person telling her. they are taking what the white house says and retelling it. >> kelly: let me read something quickly. an op-ed from the "wall street journal." disconnect lies in our failure to appreciate that while al-qaeda central has been badly weakened by counter-terrorism efforts, the group was never close to be extinct wished. >> that is correct. the president got away on jay leno, quote, we don't have a domestic spying program. media sat there and took that, too. but tom bloomer at news busters caught an example, on the tonight show he was talking about the geography
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of ports and charleston and savannah are on the atlantic ocean. and ap words to come him on that. president says media didn't jump on that either. >> kelly: we have to go on to something else. next to news watch, big news for a big newspaper, stay tuned. we got a lot more. >> "washington post" gets bought up by billionaire jeff bezos. how is the media treating it? and oprah winfrey talks about the trayvon martin shooting. does d she say the right things? answers next. i'm beth...
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good payday for the post. some called it a fire sale but what kind of news it for the newspaper business? what does this say about our newspaper industry being bought out by bezos. >> press media can't survive. it's kind of fitting that a digital operation like amazon takes over. we haven't begun to think through all the consequences of this. merril brown said you have to understand there is iron triangle between the nsa and silicon valley and media and they are all connected. that is ominous. >> kelly: what do you think about this? is it ominous? >> i think individuals who have certain agendas or wanted to do certain things with newspapers that have the money. that has been tradition. one family becomes legendary.
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i think these, what you have to say. he said there is going to be change, but i'm going to stand by you if you are courageous and courageous enough to do two things. to get to the second source and second of all to make sure to make sure we go after the next watergate. that is what everybody is worried about. the business about only a wealthy old family can own a newspaper, i don't share that view. >> i think how we consume media has changed. has the content changed. eric englemen says bezos is customer centered and he is into delivery and that is what he is going to change. >> kelly: how about if the koch brothers had bought the "washington post"? >> huffing huffington post
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was saying thank god it's not the koch brothers. real clear politics. everywhere i looked everyone had something nice to say. there was a quote saying relinquish the newspaper they love in order to protect it. they wanted to talk to us about their family. it's very different had the person came in to buy this publicly cakes not been ideologically consistent with the "washington post" already. this is guy that has donated to a lot of democratic candidates. i think there was security in that. "washington post" will remain the "washington post" and the media is comfortable with that. >> kelly: rich, how does this matter to people outside of the beltway. certainly you are wait outside of beltway. what does this really mean to them? >> i think like the "washington post" and "l.a. times", all newspapers are losing readers. one of the reasons is conservatives have decided
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they don't have a fair shot with so many of these reporters. polittico reporters are saying if they want to bring back more readers do real journalism. it's not rocket science. conservative will come back and read the "washington post" if they give us a fair shot and go after this president who is right now running our government and yet, you know, we have our "washington post" set of reporters who are not going after the president. >> kelly: we have to leave it there on that particular topic on bezos and wondering why the koch buying the tribune papers. is a battle between nbc news? >> this is a total nightmare for nbc news. >> nbc's plan to make a mini series about hillary clinton getting more slack inside
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♪ >> and a couple years ago we had a 23 debate traveling circus. i think it's time to cut out those people that are time to promote our opponents. i won't sit around and let it happen anymore. they can do it and i can say no. >> kelly: chairman of rnc reince priebus plans by nbc and knrn to produce programs about hillary clinton leading up to the 2016 election. earlier this week he issued this ultimate mated up. it's appalling to know that
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major networks like nbc and cnn have taken upon themselves to be hillary clinton's campaign operatives. i will stated that rnc will neither partner with these networks in debates nor sanction primary debate based sponsors. what do you say about this. >> i think it's great for reince, an rnc leader that would push back. if there was a firewall between nbc and nbc news and nbc entertainment, maybe it would be believable. now, they there is talk of alec baldwin getting his own show on nbc. you look at the today show they are pushing out some sort of nbc movie or sitcom. the simple fact there is no
12:51 pm
real firewall. to choose to do something about hillary clinton the timing stinks. >> kelly: we should point out that cnn issued a statement basically saying telling the critics to wait and see. isn't that too late? >> i don't think it is too late. if cnn, not the news division wants to do a documentary by charles ferguson who is tough, i feel fine. let them come out in 2014, we don't even know she is running. this is freedom of the press. >> we know she is running. judy, we know she is running. [ laughter ] >> let's not do it on somebody who we know is running on president. >> it would never fly. if was coming out rand paul or marco rubio media would be in an uproar that that candidate would be getting
12:52 pm
so much attention. >> i would have to say mr. preebis was saying he is making her look much more important. i thought that was very apt. >> nbc is in squeeze, i wouldn't be surprised they kick it over to cable. >> kelly: speaking of being in a squeeze, moving on to remarks from oprah winfrey this weeks. >> so easy during this time, trayvon martin paralleled in a kill. in my mind same thing. you can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and to see how far we have come. >> kelly: oprah winfrey making first comments. equate that go tragedy as you heard to the brutal murder of 14-year-old african-americanmet back in
12:53 pm
19515. >> -- 1955. >> if she didn't add the second part. look how far we have come but it was a feeling she was expressing. >> to me it's obviously there is an insistence to make that about race that many people feel that wasn't about race. i think you can call for a coming together. i think you can condemn violence, whatever your race may be and not make race a divisive issue. that still leaves it divisive. >> you can call for coming together with only honesty about the issue. a month ago in florida, a white kid was on a school bus and was beaten by three african-american kids. guess what, jesse jackson, not heard from.
12:54 pm
sean hannity focused on it. there has been quite a few of those times, oddly mainstream media aren't interested in. >> two different interviews we've come so far. i think that she was fair and balanced about it. [ laughter ] >> kelly: stating that we've come so far. we should be able to discuss race without visiting the wounds 69 past but we should learn from the past where there is reconciliation and healing and hopefully transformation where we can get past this thing and be one america for all. am i being too optimistic. >> that is what martin luther king said. >> kelly: new target for late night jokes. how mu protein
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♪ ♪ >> president obama gave a big speech on the economy, a really big speech. it was actually longer than his last state of the union address. it should be noted it was 20 minutes of anthony weiner jokes. >> michelle obama recently said she could take a whole afternoon and talk about barack's failures. she was immediately hired by fox news. >> this is a huge scandal in washington, been tough weeks for obama. this comes on the heel of the irs scandal and before
12:59 pm
that it was benghazi. >> birthday. he turned 52 over the weekend. you can see he got a little grayer. now, they call him the silver fox. most of silver in his hair was caused by fox. >> kelly: new study released this week at george mason university shows republicans are no longer the top targets of late night jokes for now. according to the study, president obama and others in his party have provided the best material for the late night gags with 713 jokes versus 417 aimed at republicans from january to june of this year. president obama was the top dog followed by anthony weiner, the only republicans in the top ten, president bush and chris christie. that is a wrap.
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thanks to our panel. i'm kelly wright. thanks for watching. keep it right here on the fox news channel. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett, welcome to a brand-new hour inside america news headquarters. >> heather: topping the news, 18 embassies are back open for business in the muslim world after a terror alert shut them down. our embassy in yemen and consulate in pakistan is still closed. we'll have a live report. >> gregg: one of three people missing in colorado found alive amid a massive flooding and mudslides there. our extreme weather center is tracking it all.